Information Centre

The Senate Information Centre in the 1st courtyard of the Wallenstein Palace

Tel.: 257 075 707

Opening hours:
November–March 9.00–15.00
April–October 9.00–16.00

The Senate Information Centre is found in the 1st courtyard of the Waldstein Palace. Employees of the Senate Chancellery are on hand here to provide information about Senate activity, the make-up of the Senate, its powers, and the current situation in debating bills. Those interested can pick up information materials there.

Information about the Senate may be found here.

Find answers here to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Information on possible restrictions on opening hours of the seat of the Senate in particular days can be found in the News Section.

Visiting the Waldstein Palace

The Waldstein Palace is open to the public free of charge from April to October on weekends and on public holidays at 10-17, from June to September at 10-18. From November to March it is possible to visit the palace only during the first weekend in a month and on public holidays at 10-16. Further information about opening hours of the Senate may be found here.

Organised school groups may take part in guided tours offered by the Senate every Monday and Friday.

Visitors to plenary sessions of the Senate

The plenary sessions of the Senate are public. Only in the situation where classified issues relating to the defence or security of the state or another important classified situation are included on the agenda of a plenary session may the plenary session be closed (on the motion of the government or according to a resolution of the Senate). Visitors to Senate sessions should report to the reception (entrance C1). They must then prove their identity and undergo a security check, after which they will gain admission to a plenary session of the Senate or committee session.

Visitors to committee sessions

Committee sessions are public (with the exception of sessions of the Committee on Agenda and Procedure and the Committee on Mandate and Parliamentary Privilege): this applies in the case that the law does not state otherwise or the committee decides that a session or its part should be closed.

Visitors to discussions, conferences, and meetings

Only those visitors in possession of an invitation may attend discussions, conferences, and meetings at the Senate.

You may download the brochure about the Senate here.

You may download the brochure about the seat of the Senate here.