Petitions in the Senate

Everyone has the right to address state authorities with requests, proposals and complaints in matters of public or common interest belonging to their field of competence (1, article 1 of the Act No. 85/1990 Coll., on petitionary right).

The Senate has decided that petitions will be handled by the Committee on Education, Science, Culture, Human Rights and Petitions. The Committee considers whether the submission fulfils all requirements prescribed by a special act.

The above mentioned Committee presents the Senate with a report on accepted petitions, their contents and way of handling. The report embodies first of all who submitted the petitions, when they arrived, what they referred to and who, when and how discussed and handled them. Unless otherwise stated by the Senate, the Committee presents the report on the preceding year at the latest on February 15.

Week events
from Mon, February 18, 2019

Silver commemorative
medals of the Senate

The President of the Senate awards Silver commemorative medals to outstanding personalities from the world of science and the sphere of economics, culture, sport and social life who are deserving of recognition in their profession or have contributed to the Czech Republic’s positive reputation abroad. Those who have bravely saved a human life are also acknowledged. 
Since 2012, the President of the Senate has regularly organised a gala social event on the eve of the Day of Czech Statehood, during which laureates receive Silver commemorative medals in front of distinguished guests and TV cameras that broadcast the event. 

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Today in the Senate

Meeting of the Heads of the Parliament of the Visegrad Group countries

  • Live stream of the event is available at the Senate website.
  • Hlavní sál (Main Hall) [VP-C], Valdštejnova pracovna (Waldstein´s Study) [VP-C], Mytologická chodba (Mythological Corridor) [VP-C], Rytířská síň (Knight Hall) [VP-C], Předpokoj (Antechamber) [VP-C], Zaháňský salonek (Zaháňský Lounge) [VP-C]
  • Organised by: President Jaroslav Kubera
  • Program konference
  • Photo gallery (26)
  • Invitation card required.

Press briefing after the Meeting of the Heads of the Parliaments of the Visegrad Group countries

  • Zaháňský salonek (Zaháňský Lounge) [VP-C]

Předseda Senátu Parlamentu ČR J. Kubera pořádá buffet-lunch v rámci konání konference předsedů Parlamentů zemí V4 u příležitosti 30. výročí Sametové revoluce pro vedoucí a delegace Parlamentů zemí V4.

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